What's the Problem?

The 2008 constitutionally instituted Indiana property tax caps have had a devastating impact on Concord Community Schools; we are ranked 8th in the state for loss of funding - having lost over 10 million dollars over three years and another projected loss of 68.2% in property tax funds for 2014.

During the same time period, Concord's enrollment has grown by nearly 600 students, an approximate increase of 12% more students. Maintaining our history of excellence while serving significantly more students with such dramatic decreases in funding presents Concord with many new challenges.

State tuition support must be used to subsidize the devastating 68.2% tax cap losses in local property tax funds.

On the ballot in the May 6, 2014 Primary, Concord residents will be given the chance to vote YES to a property tax increase of 0.405 per $100 of NET assessed value of their homes. The passage of this critical vote will allow money to be returned to the classrooms to directly impact the education of students in Concord Schools.